#Fiercemum – what’s it all about?


Fiercemum is a support network for those super cool mums that are doing it all!

We are all mothers and may have different ideas and values about raising our little treasures but we ultimately go through the same experiences and often wonder – what’s it all about?

I am talking about when our little darlings’ are pushing the boundaries and testing our patience on so many levels!

When we are asking ourselves the same questions?  Am I doing the right thing? Why is this not working? Why do I feel like crap?  How has everyone else got this parenting thing sorted? What am I doing so wrong?

I wanted to open up about my own experiences as a working mum and the things that have me being reflective (and often questioning myself) on a daily basis.

You are not alone and I can promise you that there are others feeling exactly how you feel right now!

Same thoughts.  Same pressures.  Same emotions.  Same feelings.  Same love

This parenting game is not easy but is the most rewarding!

I invite you to share this honest and funny (you got to laugh or you might cry) journey with me so I can share my personal experiences and you can choose whether to laugh, cry, take it on board or leave it alone!

After all we are in this together ….

FM x



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