#refusingmedication – what’s that all about?



So is it just me or is Calpol the only medicine that kids will take?

Recently I had experience of the down right refusal of prescribed medication from my gorgeous little one!  To be honest this has happened before (a few years ago) so I have had to fight the battle of eye drops and antibiotics (no not the banana one the pink one!!)

Both times it was like I was trying to give them poison!  Its so heartbreaking watching your little one be poorly in the first place and you just wish you could take it away even if that was to be poorly yourself!  So then when you try to help and make them better and they scream in your face, cry and have a tantrum it’s frustrating to say the least.

The first time I tried all the old tricks: hidden in milkshake, bribery with sweets and chocolate, the dragon and the knight and so on…but no it got so bad I had to ring the doctors and go back to get a different flavoured prescription – how bloody embarrassing – a mother who cannot get her child to take medication FFS!

The whole thing can make you feel crap on lots of levels; ‘I can’t be a good mum if I can’t get my child to take medicine’, ‘I am not caring or looking after them properly’, ‘I’m making them feel worse when they are already poorly’, and on a totally selfish note ‘I need them to get better so I can get my life back!’

Three things I found helped:

1. Get somebody else to give the medication – usually someone they want to impress

2. Use a syringe if poss!  Try and squirt it to bypass the taste buds or try sucking ice to numb them (them, not you with a G&T – that’s for afterwards!)

3.  Empower them and let them do it themselves (can be tricky when they are too young) but they could choose when they have it (after bath time, before the story, after breakfast …)

I have so much respect for those mums out there that have the medication issue on a daily basis and long term and are true professionals at this!

Its not easy…but then not much is when you love the little darlings so much!

FM x