About FM

Fiercemums is for super cool ambitious working mums who are doing it all and need to relate to other like minded ladies in an honest and supportive way.

You are not alone.

I can promise you that there are others feeling exactly how you feel right now!

Same thoughts, same pressures, same emotions, same feelings.

We love our families and we love our work.

Best to come and join our amazing community of support in the Facebook group Fiercemums where I pop in with daily posts and inspiration and also connect with you all through facebook live videos.

This is the safe space where working, Fiercemums who are doing it all can ditch the guilt and support each other.

This is the group for you if;

*You love to work and have ambitious dreams
*You are considering ditching your day job to start your own business and need some support from your fellow sisters
*Have your own business already and can support others to do the same
*Not sure what you want to do yet but know that something in your working life needs to change.


We are in this together and I’ve got your back! 

All the new blogs are now being posted on my website.


So sign up here to get to know me and also for value and new blog posts to keep you going.  You will also get my gift as a thank you which helps you figure out what you really want in terms of the work you are doing and that work / life balance that we are all trying to juggle.

See you there I can’t wait to meet you.

FM x



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